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Virtual Office (Europe) included in all plans.


This plan is to start your presence immediately and get visibility at minimal cost.
  • Your office
    Shared local address
    Dedicated local inbound phone no.
    Post service
  • Localized Web
    On demand
  • Localized Social profiles
    On demand
  • additional Services
    List of Available Services
Plan details

People buy more often from the first sales person encountered. This plan is to start your presence immediately and get visibility - at minimal cost.

You will have your "Virtual office": your address established @ a renowned address in a major DACH city (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna etc), Which will give you instant visibility and credibility that you are really “here” and take your local engagement serious.

Of course your customers can call you on local phone numbers (1 each for Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and leave messages, or send you regular mail to your new address

You can promote your local language landing page that we will install for your on 3 domains (again 1 each for Germany, Austria and Switzerland), as an additional on-demand service upon request. Prospects can contact you directly from there via a contact form with Autoresponder, or via a dedicated email address.

Local language social media profiles are complementing this package as an additional on-demand service upon request, so you can extend your footprint also to the social selling world.


The proactive plan for increased market credibility and success. Keep things rolling!
  • Your office
    Dedicated local address
    Dedicated local inbound phone no.
    Post service
  • All Goldrush plan benefits,

    www Signup Form with
    Extended contact options
    Email & social media marketing
    4 hrs free service/mo.
  • additional Services
    List of Available Services
Plan Details

This plan includes "Virtual office Zug" or "Virtual office Germany": a dedicated office address (in Zug or Zurich/Switzerland or in Germany), plus the option of outbound calls via the 3 local phone numbers registered in each of the D-A-CH countries Germany, Austria anda Switzerland.

In addition to just contacting you via the web, the landing page will include a signup form, so you can get the visitor´s email for future marketing purposes. We will connect that to your preferred email marketing automation platform, so once the signup is complete, the visitor will automatically get a series of automated follow-up messages.

With an extended contact form, the visitor will also have the option to get in touch directly by using direct chat and contact methods via Skype, LinkedIn, Messenger, Chatbot etc

With 4 hours of free service include every month, you can start getting your marketing machine up and running with outbound activities, social posts etc.


For professionals with ambitious goals. The sky is the limit!
  • Your office
    Dedicated local address with optional company domiciliation & registration
    Post service Workspace &
    meeting room options
    Dedicated CH in/out phone & mobile
  • All Rock'n'Roll plan benefits,
  • Extended social media support
    Content creation & marketing
    10 hrs free service/mo.
  • additional Services
    List of Available Services
Plan Details

You don´t only need a dedicated office address, but also full domiciliation of your subsidiary company to formally register your legal entity?

Then this plan is for you, and it also gives you the option to book workspace for yourself or meeting rooms for customer events.

Extended contact and outbound options include mobile calling and messaging and social media marketing with an increased frequency as your business grows

Starship includes full 10 hours of service every months to ensure you reach your ambitous goals


Your extended team for all.
requirements !
  • Advanced Lead Generation
  • Appointment setting
  • On-site meetings
  • Collateral & Localization
  • Content creation
  • Public relations
  • Partner management
Plan Details

You have specific extended plans around all aspects of Advanced Lead Generation, Appointment setting, On-site meetings, Collateral & Localization, Content creation, Public relations, Partner management?

Share your ideas and receive a tailor-made quote that will give you peace of mind.

accSELLerate On-Demand Services

Mail scan service per month (+ $2,99 per letter) $19,00
Mail forwarding, weekly (+ postage) Included in plans
Additional mail forwarding(+ postage) $7,00
Parcel forwarding (+postage) $9,00
Parcel storage (per day, max 30 days, first 3 days free) $1,90
Acceptance of registered letter $9,00
Instant mail info via email $19,00
Add´l office and marketing service, per hour From $29,00
Add´l sales and consulting services Get quote
Workspace and meeting rooms Get quote


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